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The books of fiction of "The Creator" are stories of high quality and involve the reader so that everything appears to be a Hollywood movie!

Here you will find a variety of topics, approached from a perspective never before imagined! All this in the midst of adventure, thriller, drama, comedy, romance and lots of action!

The unusual volumes cover a wide range of issues, and updated language in a delightfully engaging!

Click on the images below and learn the details of the works of "The Creator"! You can read several chapters for free! Enjoy!

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click and see the books
Cine-Book is a cultural project developed by The Creator to promote people's interest in reading digital books.

The Cine-Book gathers the
dramaturgy and creation of
soundtracks and songs that
together present the digital
book-shaped trailer, short
videos distributed by chapters
and an exclusive soundtrack
of the video clip.

The material is all in english
in order to be released
worldwide. This concept
becomes part of history in
audiovisual, similar to a film
that helps promote new actors,
musicians, singers and e-books.

The first CineBook is the volume
I of The Invisible Boat - Phantom
Mission. Click and read the book.

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THE INVISIBLE BOAT click and see the book
About the Author
Click the video below and meet some of the characters from Volume I of The Invisible Boat.
What are the subjects
of books of the Creator?

Meet the Green Book! In it there is a very interesting project, the author himself, to improve the traffic of big cities!
THE WARRIORS DREAM click and see the book
GREEN click and see the book
THE CICLE click and see the book
All the books of the Creator in this site were recorded in the Brazilian National Library.
THE CULTURE click and see the book