-------------The Warriors Dream-------------------------------------------------
The invasion has begun and mentally they will have to fight aliens
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Their mothers were abducted by aliens in the past and now they are part human, part alien.

These teens find that they have extraordinary mental powers and have to use them to fight
the aliens who invaded our planet through
dreams and thoughts of people.

Mentally alien androids are controlled by extraterrestrials from Galaxy Andrômedra.
They are on Earth to put into practice a plan
of domination and control of humans.

But some of them are working as spies
three doubles and assist young people to save mankind from total destruction!

Teenagers do not trust them and solve it alone! Young people are about to discover that it will
not be easy! They will live a great adventure
filled with danger and unexpected encounters!

Come and experience this story of dreams! The dream warriors need you, reader, to save mankind from a dreadful end!

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