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Dying is not an option! To escape the hell he must survive!
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He found Paradise! There is only
one rule to live there...
but he broke it!

Now he has to pay his punishment
in Hell! An unknown and totally

n this terrible place he needs
to survive at any cost to have
a chance to go home!

But this is not so simple! He
will have to understand how
this strange world, where to
survive he must learn to kill!

Then he'll have to discover
how pay the penalty!

Welcome to Hell you too!

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"The Cycle" is a book especially unexpected! The story has a background of spiritualism, but the concept is very different! This book has the potential to become a very interesting series.

Time will tell if this series there!

But you, reader, is the most important person in this process! If you want I'll write the sequel! Just communicate with me! Contact and send me an e-mail or Twitter from. We can talk more about this subject!

About the Author
You are invited to enter this cycle! But ... I have the impression ... you already part of it! Read "The Cycle" and discover where you live! But do not worry if you do not like the result! Just do good to others or to nature ... and maybe so you can pay your pen!