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Your concept of life will change after reading this collection!
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The Culture is a series of volumes of science fiction that considers human beings of planet Earth, as a simple culture of bacteria. A powerful and very alien race called the Gods, has been manipulating mankind since the beginning of time whose purpose is unclear.

This race of beings created man in His own image and likeness! One of his sons, Jesus, will has to fight his own father to save humanity!

The new way to tell the human story shows how the universe could have been created in a different way. But the end of the known world can bring new opportunities fully explored here.

Volumes have been written so that the reader gets the impression that saw an incredible film Hollywood fiction. The form of presentation of facts well known to mankind and the amazing dialogues it will make the reader put in doubt the whole story who knows how true! The intriguing work will stir the feelings, including the deepest, and make people doubt everything that think they know about life and themselves!

If these readers think they know the difference between right and wrong and between good and evil, they will be surprised! To have fun reading this book you must keep your mind wide open! Only then can "survive" the end of this series!

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A culture of bacteria can have many uses today.

The industry uses them to produce food, beverages, medicines, etc.

The bacteria can cause diseases to humans, plants and animals.

The detailed study of how they live, what they eat and what destroys them, helps science and medicine to develop new types of drugs, toiletries or food containing the components necessary to combat harmful bacteria to health.

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Let yourself be abducted by this collection!
It will change your way of thinking about everything!

More important than trying to do the impossible, is to write! Knowing that the words, other people can share the improbable!

More important than being able to write is that you can imagine! Knowing that things are possible to be made, even though the technology still can not reach certain thresholds!

The book makes it feasible and reading everything possible! Do not believe everything you hear, but imagine everything you read!

The world may be different, if you want!

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Warning: Do not read this material before seeing the synopsis!

Not everyone will be prepared for a story so unexpected.

Read the synopsis of book by book, by clicking on the covers to the left, and find out if you are a potential candidate for the fictional facts detailed here!

Without an open mind to read "The Culture" it will not be a divine experience!

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