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Countries hold the key unbelievable!
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This is one of the best kept secrets in the world! The high-tech industry in all countries, has produced new technology that nobody has access ... unless governments that can afford it!

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Brazil has developed the first boat completely invisible military in human history, using the same technology of LED TVs today!

The first mission of this amazing platform war is to eliminate traffickers in the triple border between Brazil, Peru and Colombia The Peruvian cartel.

But some defects in the new technology can endangering the entire mission!

Moreover, spies around the world are discovering these secrets, which threatens peace in South America!

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volume I

The Brazilian Navy has hired a journalist to document the secret missions of the vessel, and the first is to attack the Peruvian cartel in the border between Brazil, Colombia and Peru. The Brazilian Navy intends to end the traffickers and guerrillas who live near the borders to reduce the distribution of drugs in South America but this new technology is not reliable and a defect will endanger the life of the small crew.

United States monitor the Brazilian invisible boat and make demands to put it on the front line against their enemies!

International spies are discovering the truth and want to destroy our boat! The risk is imminent! The project, which was intended to be hidden, can become the reason for a war! How it all end? Read and find out what happens in this exciting avendtura, which could lead Brazil to unprecedented war against their neighbors with unimaginable consequences!

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volume II

The military team, accompanied by journalist Fernando Dias and the South Korean ambassador to Brazil, Chin-Mae, will cross the Pacific Ocean to arrive to North Korea. They must penetrate the Taedong River, the largest in the country, and disable the transmission tower that would initiate a nuclear attack, led by dictator Kim Jong-un. But the enemy has a deadly weapon waiting and Chin-Mae is hiding a dangerous secret. A secret that may trigger the first nuclear war of humanity. The invisibility that will be enough to avoid total disaster. But maybe not!

Alone among members of the FARC in Colombia, Sergeant Peter have to fool the guerrillas about the real existence of the ghost that attacks only traffickers and guerrillas. Survival will not be easy. Intrigues, lies and deaths happen in the terrorist camp of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. You can not stop reading Volume II of The Invisible Boat!

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volume III

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The Invisible Boat
Nuclear Mission Vol. II

The soldier spider, controlled by artificial intelligence, will have to cross enemy lines on a motorcycle!

This fact had to be simulated several times in the onboard computer until it was possible to accomplish this amazing feat!

volume IV

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The Invisible Boat
Invisible War
Vol. III

This is a book that shows the rotten world of corrupt politicians and how the Brazilian population has been celebrating the strange death of several of them!

Here too you will read about the underground guerrillas in Colombia and the dire consequences for the local population.

Many orphans, between the Indians and wild animals, are paying the price of human ignorance!

Below are two sites that help preserve and save the jaguar, a symbol of our country and also the site of the Ministry of Science and Technology!
The invisible boat, being completely covered by LED, may be of any color.
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The Invisible Boat - Survive Mission
Vol. IV

The Invisible Boat - Invisible War - Vol. III

The Navy Special Agent is an android! A cybernetic able to be invisible, because it uses the same technology as the invisible Brazilian military boat! He has in his chest a supercomputer managed by an artificial intelligence software for next-generation nuclear-powered since 2040.

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Mermaid is a gynoid 2.5 meters in height over 1 meter tail. It is a cybernetic that was produced for the local dive to the deepest ocean! Inside your body is controlled by a supercomputer artificial intelligence in the year 2055. It was produced by the
Brazilian Navy for use in research and science. Power source: fuel cells.