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Nature will have to be saved or there is no future!
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Green is an amazing book! The story takes place in 2036 when the asteroid Apophis will pass very close to the Earth! Along with it an object strays and falls in New York.

Three pairs of alien seeds form holographic three men!

But no one can stop them! No one can touch them! No one can dissuade them from destroying humanity, unless nature is saved!

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Green is a collection of books being written.

At the end of each book the author proposes to develop a unique project that solves a big problem of humanity to save the nature!

Collaborate you too! Do something to save nature right now! Otherwise there is no future!

About the Author
Read the book and
find out whether humans can save themselves from destruction!

At the end of the book there is a
Green project called Phoenix that
shows a new concept of operation of
large cities in the world!

Check out this amazing project that will reduce
pollution, traffic accidents, floods, will provide free public transport for everyone and will enable you to perform much of their business, while you work or back home!

During the history of the book Green Project Phoenix is also used, showing how the city works!

Check out the full potential of Project Phoenix! Several actions can change the face of the big city!

But for this you need to keep an open mind!

It must be understood that conventional methods do not work!

To solve an incredibly complex problem we need to change the current concept and turn it into something different!

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